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Man of the match Award

Callisto Kamende our Technical Director gives Hubertus Clausius Man of the Match monthly awad to Chimwemwe Idana.

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Player of the month Award

Cassius Phiri, Assistant Operations Manager handing over Hubertus Clausius Player of the month Award to Precious Sambani.

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Supporter Gifts

Callisto Kamende giving branded Golf Shirts to Nyasa Big Bullets supporter.

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Signing Ceremony MOAM

Signing Ceremony of Minibus Association of Malawi (MOAM). Hubertus Clausius and Libertus.

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Chirwa, Player of the Month

Nyasa Big Bullets fullback Gomezgani Chirwa has been crowned player of the Month. Chirw has received k100,000 from Hubertus Clausius, presented by Gracium Dimba, Head of Operations for winning the accolade for the month of October.

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Antony Mfune. Player of the Month

Antony Mfune has been crowned NBB Player of the month of October.

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